Finding The Way -

Please bear with us as we are updating and upgrading our website.  You can still read and find information, but the appearance is being improved.  Thanks. (4/20/2016)

Welcome to the work of Finding the Way.  We are a Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, working in northern Uganda - helping people who were in Internally Displaced Persons camps, and who suffered the affects of rebel war for 22 years, overcome and live a sustainable life.

Please click here -  50K Initiative - to learn about and give toward the 50K Initiative!

Please click this link to watch a presentation clearly explaining the past, present, and current work of Finding the Way, as well as how to be involved!   Finding the Way: Continuing New Life

Vision of Finding the Way:  To see people restored physically, emotionally, and spirituall as they live new life.

Finding the Way

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