Background Of Situation in Northern Uganda

Over 1.6 million people in northern Uganda were left homeless and forced into Internally Displaces Persons Camps (IDPS) during 22 years of rebel war, led by Joseph Kony and his cult, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  So many others suffered brutal and inhumane deaths, while hoards of children were abducted to be soldiers or sex slaves.  Those who survived live with only remnants of normal life, remnants of family, remnants of themselves.  Grief, suffering, living hand to mouth have all become common-place and the new norm for the Acholi people of this region.
Currently, situations have stabilized enough to allow people to return to their land and live life anew.  Though the LRA continues to wreak havoc in neighboring countries, Uganda’s borders have been secure.  This current peace in the area allows for the people who remain to begin again – to try to see their way forward amid the wreckage of what was.

People, however, carry the weight of all the loss and hopelessness.  They are wounded and worn.  Many younger people grew up in the camps, with little to no skills for how to live a sustainable village life, as was the standard before the war.  Others are physically disabled or elderly with no family remaining to support them, and thus have no ability to rebuild their homes or maintain gardens to grow food.    While still others carry the emotional scars that hinder them from moving forward; depression and fear has set in, stifling any motivation to work and try to live anew.

There is a Way out.
There is a hope and chance to regain strength.  There is life on the other side of all that has been.  Change is possible, even among the impossible difficulties leftover after the war and its carnage.

Our Focus.
Finding the Way focuses on building relationships with people and helping them see, accept, and live out the Way to Life.  Overcoming is something they can experience.  We seek to see people restored physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
These people do not need a program.  They do not need any more hand-outs.  They do not need people doing everything for them.  They do not need false hope.  They do not need temporary fixes.

They need Life.
They need time.  They need chances to learn and grow and face fears and release problems and apply new things.  They need to learn skills that are relevant to their way of life.  They need goals that are attainable.  They need a simple push, regular encouragement, on-going relational investment.
There is a Way, a Truth, and a Life that can help them.  Change can happen that will be a testimony to themselves, their families, and the world – revealing the power and hope of Jesus.
“Put your Hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God…”